Loosing faith in the media :-( !

KPBS claims to be non-biased, and yet they continue to pass over me in their election coverage.  Not the first time I have been left off of the list! 

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Time is ripe for a third party in CA

As a former Republican, I couldn't agree more.  K9 is the answer that moderates have been searching for.

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Scott Pruitt is Ignoring Science and Reason !

In 2003 the government established HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act), a privacy act that requires that patient names be removed from scientific studies.  Now Scott Pruitt is paralyzing the EPA's ability to utilize scientific studies based upon the notion that the "data" in scientific studies is "hidden".  Redacting patient names from published data has no bearing on the conclusions of the work !  The role of the Environmental Protection Act is to PROTECT US Citizens and the environment.   The EPA cannot function without utilizing scientific data.  This is truly OUTRAGEOUS !!!



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Power in the United States

Nice review about the distribution of power in the United States


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Meet Dr Pendleton

Robert Pendleton MD PhD, founder of the K9 party, is running for the United States House of Representative in California, District 49 .   


Meet Dr Pendleton Video

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Ladies, it's time to run for office as a K9 !

More women are needed in Congress! My 2020 Vision Campaign is to take control of the US Congress with K9s, with 50% of the new representatives as women. 



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Republicans are ready for K9 !

Nope, not a turtle, a K9 !  

This well written article by Juleanna Glover of the NY Times details why Republicans are ready for a third party.

Are Republicans Ready to Join a Third Party?

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